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home » #5 [english] – Shifting Collaborative Culture in Community with Pascal Hazeleger

#5 [english] – Shifting Collaborative Culture in Community with Pascal Hazeleger

In this episode, I have the absolute privilege of talking to Pascal Hazeleger. He works on solving complex problems through developing networked organizations. He is involved with the blue neighborhood economy foundation in Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem/Netherlands. The foundation is running a community center and many different projects in the neighborhood. About 10% of people in the neighborhood are actively involved in one of those projects.

Pascal and I talk about why this community is so valuable to the people participating, how it is set up structurally, what challenges they are encountering with regards to organizational culture and bringing their collective vision into reality and how they are going about mastering those challenges.

This is the first episode of shift, which is also on video. If you prefer seeing our faces and not only listening, you can find the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-LH1C_u4us


This is the website of Spijkerkwartier where this project is located https://mijnspijkerkwartier.nl/

And here is the website of the community center https://www.dazo.nl/

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Here you can learn more about microsolidarity https://microsolidarity.cc

I wrote an article with my learnings from the gathering where Pascal and I met https://medium.com/@jonasgroener/key-learnings-from-the-microsolidarity-gathering-428f54c75187?postPublishedType=initial

Citizens by Jon Alexander and Work with Source by Tom Nixon are two books that were mentioned by Pascal.