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Cultivating Relationships for Social Change and Coaching for Collective Transformation

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March is here and with it, I’m sending you some news from my world. February was marked by TippingPoints – a Skillshare weekend I organized together with 5 others for almost 200 activists from different social movements.

Now that this event is behind us, I continue with several small projects, but all of them are just as exciting:

  • Starting on March 6th, I’m offering a 4-part workshop series at the Node called “Weaving Relationships for Social Change.” Together we will explore Authentic Relating, Nonviolent Communication, Authentic Feedback and the impact of our self-relationship on relationships with others. There are only a few spots left – if you are in Vienna and want to attend you can read more and register here.
  • On March 30th “Coaching for Collective Transformation” launches – a collective I called to life together with Stephen Reid and Sarah Pellham. For the launch, we have Richard D. Bartlett, Jocelyn Ames and Karl Steyaert as guests for an interactive online panel. If you’re interested in how we can collectively shape social change, join us for free – you can register here.
  • On April 1st and 2nd we are organizing a training on “Creating and Holding Safe Spaces” as part of Civil Action Network. I will hold a part of the training. You can learn more and sign up here.

Last but not least, here are a few articles and podcasts that have inspired me lately:


Technology is not values neutral: ending the reign of nihilistic design

An aromantic manifesto

The Elephants: A system for better living


Weaving Emergent Futures – How to Survive the End of The World with adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown

Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will – SpreadLove in Organizations with Otto Scharmer

Learnings from Hosting “Embodying Collective Transformation – Shift Podcast with Karl Steyaert and me

Alright, that’s all for now. I look forward to seeing you at one of my next workshops or at the Coaching for Collective Transformation launch event.

All the best