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Summercamps, Microsolidarity and More

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Hi there! 

After a very busy spring, I’m checking back in with an update as summer begins. A lot has been happening and I want to share some exciting offerings and resources with you.

Microsolidarity Practice Program | June 06 – 15 | Online

Microsolidarity is a community-building framework that aims to create small, supportive groups where people foster their individual and collective development through mutual care, responsibility, and connection. Next Tuesday, a two-week online course will launch to practice the basic principles and practices. Together with Jocelyn Ames, I will be facilitating one of the two groups as a trainer. More info and registration can be found here: https://microsolidarity.cc/practice-program

Civil Action Camp | July 07-11 | Mühle Nikitsch in Burgenland (Austria)

Civil Action Camp is a regenerative learning space for activists, engaged citizens and other change-makers. The question that will guide us is: How can we work together to make a tangible impact for a world that works for all of life, and nourish ourselves in the process? During our time together, there will be some small inputs on principles and practices of regenerative self-organization. Mainly, however, we want to practice and explore in a playful setting how the balance between outward-focused action and inward-focused recovery can succeed in collectives. The Civil Action Camp is a project I am implementing together with friends in the framework of the Civil Action Network. More information and registration can be found here: https://civilaction.net/action-camp-23

Microsolidarity Summer Camp | July 17-23 | Coconat near Berlin

The Microsolidarity Summer Camp is an event for people who are passionate about building communities and supporting each other to do meaningful work in the world.  The camp is largely hosted with Open Space Technology, so it’s up to everyone to work together to set the agenda and offer workshops, skillshares, and sharing circles. If you’re up for a highly participatory event and interested in how we can bring more relationality to our change work, this camp is for you. The camp is hosted by Richard Bartlett, Uta Sievers, Jocelyn Ames and myself. Check it out here for more info: https://microsolidarity.cc/eu-summer-camp-2023

And what else?

I’m currently in the process of developing some formats as part of the Civil Action Network that will see the light of day over the next few months.  Among them are a coaching group for activists who want to integrate more community into their work, a training on resilience in groups and one or the other workshop on conflict competence, decentralized decision making and related topics. 

I also have two openings for coaching clients at the moment. If you are are working on a project of close to your heart, for a livable future or in community, and you have the feeling that it should be easier somehow, you are standing in front of a wall or you don’t really know where to start to bring your vision into physical reality, I would be very happy to support you. If this sounds interesting to you, you can book a free session where I will support you in getting clear about where you want to go, what exactly is holding you back and what support you want in order to act in alignment with your values: https://jonasgroener.com/schedule


New Work needs Inner Work – a book full of practical tips to work better and more easily together in self-organized teams and groups through a balance of inner and outer transformation.

Work With Source – a book about generatively dealing with hierarchies and how we can be more creative together.

How to call a Crew – a very detailed article about peer-support crews and how to start them.

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Life – a podcast with Daniel Schmachtenberger about the inner dimension of an integral worldview.

Okay, that’s all for now! Have a great start of summer and maybe I’ll see you at a summer camp or online 🙂