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home » #6 – [english] Meetings, Collective Agency & Community Organizing with Jen Sandler

#6 – [english] Meetings, Collective Agency & Community Organizing with Jen Sandler

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In this episode of Shift I have the absolute privilege of talking to Jen Sandler. Jen is an antrhopologist, activist, community organizer and facilitator based in the US. In her research she has been focusing on the role of meetings for social change, what makes a good meeting and why good meetings are so important for succesful social movements. We talk about what she has been finding about the role of meetings, some principles and practices for good meetings, what it takes for collective agency to unfold, community organizing, the conditions that create momentum in social change, the difference in conditions between the states and Europe and many other things.

If you are interested in the topics Jen and I talk about, you might want to check out TheSTOKE Collective – a training collective for activists and changemakers, that provide skill development around social change. You can find them at https://thestokecollective.org

Also I have a bunch of workshops planned around Collective Resilience and Grounding in Personal Intentions in the next view months if you are interested in those, you can take a look at https://jonasgroener.com/events

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You can find the video version of this podcast here: https://youtu.be/QjRtCLHtNto